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Silk Rug Cleaning Brooklyn

Many of the finest rugs in the world are beautifully crafted from gorgeous hues of silk fabric. These are rugs that adorn the floors of homes across the country, providing aesthetic appeal as well as comfort to those who tread across the floor. Much of the regular care and upkeep of these fine rugs can be performed with a vacuum. However, a vacuum will not remove all of the dirt and other debris that can become ingrained into the fibers of the rug. When you need an expert silk rug cleaning Brooklyn service, call Green Choice Carpet who will help you to remove stains, spots and ground in dirt and make your silk rug looks like new again.

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Healthier Cleaning Options

Our company offers you a green silk rugs cleaning that is safe for your rug and safe for your family’s health. When you make the decision to professionally clean your rugs, you want to enjoy quality results. However, you do not want the cleaning agents used on your rug to damage the rug itself, to affect your family’s health or to harm the environment. Green cleaners are great for the silk fiber because it does not contain any harsh chemicals that could cause the dye to run. Other cleaning companies throughout the Brooklyn area will outsource their rug cleaning service to a third party, and they have little control over the process that third party uses to clean rugs. We clean silk rugs and other area rugs in our factory to ensure that they are handled correctly and to protect them from damage.

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Same Day Service

In many instances, we are able to provide you with our rug cleaning service for silk rugs as well as for other types of area rugs with same-day pick ups and a quick turnaround time for your rugs. We don’t have to ship the rug to another company and wait for them to clean it and ship it back. We do the rug cleaning in-house to provide you with fast results. These fast results are coupled with competitive rates for our rug cleaning services as well as for the other services we offer. You can contact us today for a free in-home consultation to discuss your needs for area rug cleaning and other services. Through a combination of our many green services, your home can receive a thorough cleaning in a way that is safe for your family and the environment. You can also learn more about how green and healthy our processes are.

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