Persian Rug Cleaning Bronx

A Persian rug represents centuries of tradition in fine craftsmanship.

It should be cared for and cleaned only by specialists with the highest level of professional training and skills.

If you are seeking Persian rug cleaning on Bronx , Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is second to none.

We encourage you to shop around, as we are confident that the more information you gather, the better we will look.

When you need to have your Persian rug cleaned, there are many questions you need to ask before deciding with whom to trust your rug.

Only Trust Experience Cleaners with Your Persian

Price is not the only factor to consider, but it’s certainly one of the important factors.

We offer affordable prices, due in part to the fact that we do all our rug cleaning on-site in our rug cleaning factory.

So you avoid the middleman costs of other rug cleaning companies that outsource their cleaning to other companies.

By choosing a company that does its own cleaning, you also avoid that added delay of having your rug shipped to and from another company. If you are in a rush, we even offer same day service. Be sure also to ask about training and certification. Persian rug cleaning is a specialty. Our staff has the training, experience, and certifications to deserve your confidence.

Besides the cost of the rug cleaning itself, beware of other hidden, added costs.

Green Choice will come to your home at your convenience to examine your Persian rug and provide an estimate for cleaning, for free.

Not all companies will. We will pick up and deliver your rug for free. Not all companies will.

How will your Persian rug be cleaned?

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning has the experience and skills with different methods that we can be flexible and choose the most safe and effective cleaning method for your specific type of rug and how dirty or stained it is.

Furthermore, we are specialists in rug repair for Persian rugs and restore your Persian rug back by removing any rips, tears or spotted areas.

One of the things we most pride ourselves on is that we are a green company.

Not only do we provide the highest level of service in cleaning Persian rugs, but we do so without polluting the environment with dangerous chemicals.

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