Bronx Oriental Rug Cleaner

A beautiful Oriental rug is often made of wool or other natural fibers.

These rugs are available in different shapes and sizes.

For example, you may have a small, rectangular rug or a large, circular rug in your home.

If your  area home is like so many others, you have several different area rugs on your floors.

Typically, these rugs are placed in highly-trafficked areas, such as in a living room under a coffee table, under a dining room table, in a hallway and other similar locations.

Because of their placement in rooms, their appearance can become blemished with pet stains, stains from foot traffic, spots from kids or food and more.

There are so many reasons why you may need a Bronx Oriental rug cleaner like Green Choice Carpet Cleaning today.

With our fast, affordable, green cleaning service, we can address all of your Oriental rug cleaning needs.

A Better Way to Clean Area Rugs

Our rug cleaning service is different from other rug services in the area from start to finish. Our process is designed to safely clean even the finest rugs and to make the entire cleaning process affordable and convenient to you.

You may know that your rug is made of 100 percent natural wool, or you may not be sure if it is made of synthetic fibers or a blend of different types of fibers.

While other rug cleaning companies may ask you this before providing you with a quote, we will simply ask you what a convenient time is for us to visit your home for a free consultation.

When our representative visits your home, he or she will inspect the rug’s composition and size.

A quote will be offered to you based on the specific features of the rugs as well as the need for any special services. This is a convenient way to get a firm quote for rug cleaning services.

Green Choice also offers free pickup for Oriental rugs as well as return delivery of your rugs.

Your rug will be cleaned in our rug cleaning facility and will handled by an experienced cleaner who will make sure your rug is cleaned to your satisfaction.


Carpet Cleaning

The Way the Services Work

Natural Cleaning Process for Natural Fiber Rugs

The Green Choice cleaning process is not only convenient, but it also is all-natural.

We utilize a green rug cleanser to remove traffic spots, stains and more.

With the fine quality of your rug as well as the care you took to select the perfect rug for your home décor, you don’t want your cleaning company to apply harsh detergents to your rug.

Our cleanser is safe for the rug, and it is also Eco-friendly.

If your Oriental rug is in need of professional cleaning services, schedule your appointment for a free in-home estimate today.

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