10 Best Tips On How To Clean Oriental Rugs

10 Effective Tips On How To Clean Your Oriental Rugs

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10 Effective Tips On How To Clean Your Oriental Rugs

We all love to go the old-fashioned way sometimes as this is what we are familiar with.

Rugs have been known to make a home beautiful and adorable, with a very wonderful rug you can give your room or apartment a facelift and make it increases in its aesthetic value, from the onset till this very moment different kind of rugs are used for the home ranging from Turkish to Persian to even Chinese and all another sort of rug types, the goal is beauty, and that is what is always reflected in these rugs.

As we all know, nothing ever lasts forever, even the most beautiful things get stained, dusty and dirty and that is why we are paying special attention to the remedial tips available for us to salvage our rugs from dirt, dust, and stains.

What is fun about rugs cleaning is that we are going to be sharing from our wealth of experience, 20 years On useful and effective cleaning tips for your oriental rugs, it is true that nothing beats the old wine and for us all who like to stick to what we have always known, here are a few helpful tips that would help you a great deal in preserving your oriental rugs for a longer period and keeping the rug intact and bright.


1.Prevent First

We would like to consider this as the first cleaning tip you need to use for your oriental rugs.

The first thing of course is the fact that once you can get to prevent dust and stains and regular traffic on your rugs you are going to get a long-lasting oriental rug, what usually causes the dirt and stains an the need to clean is because there are lots of people walking on your rug and this, in turn, would cause it to get dusty on time the best thing to do first if you have pets is to prevent them from frequently stepping on your rug this will go a long way in preserving the life and quality of your oriental rug.

Other things you can as well look out for is to avoid unnecessary spilling of water on your rug as well as avoid your pets peeing and misusing your rug this is the first and ultimate step you need in Cleaning your rug.

Now that we have a good grip on the first step which is to prevent we can then proceed to other cleaning methods and tips that will help us preserve our rugs.


A lot of us understand that when we get a new gadget or a new electronic device what we usually get with the device is a manual, with this manual we can be directed on the proper use of the device, the same goes for your oriental rug, but this time it is not a manual when you purchase an oriental rug newly make sure you check for a label underneath it, this label is what directs and explains to you what type of rug you have purchased, and it also tells you the type of cleaning requirements or method that would be appropriate to make your rug last.

Never make the mistake of thinking your oriental rug is like every other rug there must be a difference to it surely and even if there is no difference you have to be sure and sure again before you begin any cleaning whatsoever on your oriental rug.

It is better to be safe than sorry and taking the right precaution can set you in the right direction on how to give your rug a good cleaning.

3.Beat the Rug

The first thing we do with your rug is that we beat the rug,  four different kinds of drugs we understand full well that there are different types of beating techniques that we use to get the dust out of them.

Your rugs are very technical and delicate, and any wrong thing could make them far apart, but what do you have to do is very easy, we make sure we apply the normal technique in beating your rug and bringing them to a clean State.

The essence of beating the rug is very simple, and that is for it to be free from dust before we commence the actual thing that we are meant to do which is Vacuuming.

It is very essential that you understand that all rugs cannot be beaten in the same way, they are special techniques for special kinds of rugs.

If your rug is an antique rug, then you should understand that it would need a different and more delicate beating technique for you to achieve a total Dustin experience and that is what we help You do.

Vacuuming The next thing we help you do, is to carry out an effective vacuuming on your rug.

With this vacuuming will help you achieve a whole lot and not just an ordinary cleaning experience.

The essence of vacuuming is to get out all the hidden dust and dirt that the dusting method could not get out.

We pay special attention once more to the type of rug that you are using; we make sure that nothing happens to your rug while we are vacuuming. 

 For many we make sure we use a particular type of vacuuming machine, and this machine will in no way damage your rug, many are afraid of using a vacuum because they feel it is going to damage your oriental rocks, but we have a special type of machine designed to treat your roles in a way that it will cause no harm or disfigure so your rugs, they are specially made for oriental rugs and would help with a deep clean of all dirt and dust.

This method is considered one of the fastest and easiest ways to get your rugs clean but could also be one of the nose harmful methods to your rugs if you do not know how to handle it properly, you would save yourself stress when you hire a professional to help you with the vacuuming.

4.Spot and Stain Removal

At this point, what we ensure we help you do is that we remove spots and stains that are left on your rugs.

We have special solutions and chemicals that we use to remove tough stains from your rugs, the stains that would not ordinarily go by a simple hand wash can be removed by our mixture of chemicals.

Oftentimes, the hardest substance to remove is usually from pets, grease stains, oil spills, and a whole lot of different other tough stains, and applying your bare hands with a little soap or detergent might not necessarily get the stains out so what we have made is a typical solution to remove all substance beyond your wildest imagination.

The stains are subjected to a high concentration solution the dissolve in between the stains, making it very easy to pull through after detergent is applied. Since most things are organic, we have also made together with an organic solution that can remove any source of stain.

5. A more thorough sweeping

We make sure that this sweeping becomes ease,  but in a case where the sweeping with a vacuum cleaner is not enough, we take on special methods to make sure we have a proper clean of your rug and here’s what we do.

We first take your rugs through a proper cleaning of detailed sweeping but then the vacuum can only clean one place at a so we clean a side first and clean the other,  the next thing you want to know is that the rug cleaning vacuum might not be enough, so we carry along electric sweepers.

These are specially designed rug sweepers that would suck up the dirt thoroughly and give you a better edge in cleaning.

Remember,  this tip is about getting the dust and particles out, and this is the solution needed for cleaning your oriental rug when you need a thorough sweeping.

We make sure all the tools and equipment we use are ours, and we do not rent any from other cleaning companies.

We have in mind that you would want to give your oriental rug the best clean and so we carry along all the necessary tools needed to make the process seamless. 

Cold Water Therapy next on is the cold water therapy; we believe that before we start to wash your rugs, we need to carry out a cold water therapy on it so as not to damage it.

What we mean by the cold water therapy is that we make sure we first let your runs with a bit of cold water making sure everything is cold and wet, this way it will enable I was solution penetrates through the wall of the wrong and make it have a better clean.

We will gently apply cold water all over the rug so that every corner is touched, this is the point where we have to make sure all dust and dirt have effectively be removed if they were not removed in prior tips, you will find it very hard to have an effective clean when we start after the cold water therapy.

We are aware of different designs of rugs, with this we make sure we have different levels of temperature that we give your rugs.

A Persian rug would be given a different temperature from an Asian rug and so on like that.

The essence of the cold water therapy majorly is to help other processes become quite easy when we start;

you will see that a wet rug is easier to clean and dry one because of the way they received the soap and penetrates through the fabric to make it have a deeper clean.

6. Let the hand wash begin

For oriental rugs, hand washing is the best method yet.

Now we will begin with the whole process of washing the rugs with our bare hands, using a machine might sometimes miss out on some details of stains and particles are needed to be cleaned, but with a hand wash, we would never miss the target.

For this hand wash process, we take on cold water and a very mild solution as well as a very mild soap that is friendly on your carpets.

Out of our years of experience, we have noticed that some solutions are not good enough for some rugs, what we do is to carry out a thorough test on the solution.

Before we start general cleaning on the whole rock, we take our mixed solution and test it on a little portion of your rug and wait for a little while, if your rug starts to fade after testing the solution then we know that this is not the appropriate solution.

All we need to do is change the solution to something milder so that it will not affect the color and quality of your wrong after we carry out our cleaning.

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7. Directional cleaning

From our years of experience, we have noticed that most people who try to clean their rugs on their own don’t do it with precaution.

All they do is to pick up the brush, identify the area that needs cleaning, scrubs and they feel they are good to go, but it is not meant to be the case with an oriental rug as these types of rugs are very delicate and require a bit of technicality to clean.

For oriental rugs, you have to understand that there is a direction of the nap, and that is how we clean the rugs, for your oriental rugs to last for a very long time we make sure we clean the rocks directionally and not haphazardly.

We follow the afternoon of the design to make sure we do not cause your rugs to bleed or damage the quality of the rug.

Our years of experience has given us this knowledge, and we use it every single time in cleaning our rugs and bringing a satisfying finish.

8. Rinsing Time!

This process is important in itself just as much as the actual cleaning of the rug.

What we do is to properly rinse all the nooks and crannies of your rugs paying close attention to how the lather can be remover totally without a single residue of the soap solution.

We employ a method of running water through a pipe while we have special people that handle the rinsing process, it is truly a priceless experience, no one person cleans your rug,  from start to finish we have different people that would help make the process easy. 

9. Drying Time!

Up next is the drying process, after a comprehensive cleaning process has been handled we would need to make sure that we also carry out a very thorough drying process and this comes in different ways and different methods. 

 For the joint process, we are going to be a doctor in either a slow method or a fast one it depends on how fast you want your rugs, for this method we are going to be using the standard method of drying which is fan drying.

We would just use a fan to blow the rugs clean and dry, we would be using an industrial fan to clean them, and in a while, they would be clean and dry and ready for pickup in no time.

We could also use an industrial drying method that dries up the rugs faster and better.

You would need to make sure your rugs ate thoroughly dried, and that they don’t have any form of dampness when your rugs are wet or don’t try properly, they start to smell or start having molds growing, so a complete cleaning process is necessary.

10. We can know how many people place great value on their rugs and how they would want it to last, sometimes some people don’t want a replacement after the rugs have been damaged because of some certain connection they have with a particular design and we understand how it feels.

For this reason, we have put out careful and proven tips to help you properly clean your rug.

Some rugs are antique rugs, some designs are deliberate, some colors are limited, all these factors are considered, and we know best by providing the accurate measures that you need to take to preserve your precious rugs.

All  methods are careful and deliberate methods that have been known to work for years, most of them stem out of our years of experience  and the vast knowledge we have acquired through our dedication to cleaning, we are very convicted about this and hope that when you try to adopt these methods in cleaning your rug’s you would find nothing but great and satisfactory results.

Never also forget to have a rug specialist handy like Green choice carpet cleaning NYC that you can always call and ask questions for clarity and help whenever you have things you need to know with regards to your rug.

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